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Friday, August 27, 2021

So August 13th Came and Went

And TFG still hasn't been reinstated. For that date was the latest drug-addled prophecy of the Pillow Dude.

Apparently, even TFG has bought into that crap.

Tony Norman nailed most of TFG's followers, the Trumpvangelicals:

Tired of waiting for Jesus to “come in the clouds” riding a white horse, surrounded by vengeful saints and wielding a literal sword with his tongue, America’s cult of Christian nationalists decided it made more sense to throw in with a charismatic character already on the scene — a godless vulgarian with a blazing orange tan and lying spirit who asks nothing of his followers except a willingness to believe big lies and to regurgitate those lies when called upon to do so.

No doubt that they'll come up with a new date for the reinstatement, much in the same way that the Rapture keeps being rescheduled.


Stewart Dean said...

Ah butThe Orange Clown was reinstated..the same way he was overwhelmingly an alternate 'Billy Liar' universe.
Or maybe like Captain "Wrong Way" Peter Peachfuzz, TFG has a duplicate Oval Office hidden away at Mar-A-Lago, where he fires off blazing tweets from a phone mocked-up to seem like he's again setting the world afire. Truly, a legend in his own mind...

JustMusing said...

Just another Manic Monday in the T****verse.

Still grasping for control, power and adulation. Getting an ego boost from his obsequious crowds, attempting to punish those who disagree with him, and generally exploiting anyone who comes into contact with him.

The five time draft dodger lies and lies and lies. The duped are still listening and sending in their cash.

Still speaking of himself in the third person.

A raging narcissist buoyed up by the those he cheated, negligently killed, and loving the applause he got for calling half the countries in world ****holes.

Yeah, let's reinstate that asswipe.

Of course there is someone who wants to supplant him and be the leader of the free world: DeSantis.

An even dumber version of T****.


Glenn Kelley said...

People buy the scenario that makes them comfortable in their world . No amount of proof will convince them otherwise. The evangelist never lied and John Wayne is a war hero .

dinthebeast said...

Harold Camping was a buffoon, and he may have caused his believers some amount of harm, but he was never in the oval office, as far as I know.

-Doug in Sugar Pine