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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Antivaxxers Plumb the Depths of Derp and Dumb

Those morons now believe that they'll be able to retire by selling unvaxxed sperm.

Meanwhile, ICU beds are filling up about where a casual observer would expect them to:

DumbSantis and his compatriot-in-death, AsswipeAbbot, have been screaming for help. They want more ventilators, more nurses, and so on. Their fellow fool in MS wants the USNS Comfort to come help.

But the one thing they all have in common is that, when it comes to asking their citizens to do their part to slow the spread of the pandemic, all of them are aggressively opposed to doing anything.

This would be my response to them:

I remember a time when "conservatives" would say about poor people that they need to help themselves, that they have to stop making the same mistakes. The same applies to the "nobody's gonna tell meeee to wear a mask or get a vax, muh rights!"

Fuck all of those guys, including that dumbshit cardinal from STL.


Charon04 said...

That map is misleadingly optimistic because it does not account for "available" beds that are unusable because of staffing vacancies.

Jimmy T said...

Precisely why I've taken to calling it the Darwin variant. Just read today where Texas hospital officials are calling for refrigerated trucks being delivered so they can store more bodies because the local morgues are so overwhelmed...

Tod Germanica said...

Dumbass Abbott just caught covid so with any luck he'll die a miserable death like all those his Trumpite/Putin policies have put in the ground. Is the Lieutenant Governor just as fucking stupidly, politically murderous? This could be good news for the still living in Texas. Let's all hope the racist governor soon chokes to death on his own pneumonia phlegm and slides right down to hell for his murders. Good news for Texas!

Comrade Misfit said...

Abbott did get his cynical ass vaccinated, so he's a bit of a hypocrite.

Eck! said...

Not funny...

We were ignorant then:
When NY had to store bodies last year due to rampaging covid
there was little known and to be done as science lacked
knowledge, preparedness, and materials.

Knowingly in denial of the truth:
Now that Texas and Florida are in the same spot Science
understands more and we have treatments and a vaccines.
But now we have knowledge avoidance, refusal to prepare,
and begging for consumables that are in demand elsewhere.

When you don't know you learn. But we have things that
don't like the answers so they deny truth and become stupid.

Its just horsesense to drink when near water.