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Friday, August 6, 2021

Another old CT Crime Story

On June 28, 2004, Jarion Childs was shot dead while allegedly attempting to rob the Dairy Queen in Groton.

Childs allegedly struck the owner/manager, Stephen Botchis, in the head with the crowbar that Childs used to jimmy the door. Botchis, who was twice Childs's age, shot him during the struggle. Childs, who was later termed a "person of interest" in two or more other killings, expired. One of the murders was of A. Gordon Jeffrey, an 89-year old man, who was beaten to death. Another victim was a 56-year old man, A. Gordon Jeffrey, a physicist.

The fact that Childs seemed to have a propensity for robbing and beating old men to death didn't stop his family from suing the one victim who Childs didn't kill. They claimed that Childs was an invitee of Botchis, which seems like a hell of a stretch to me, given that most invitees don't pry open the door after midnight with a crowbar.

I don't know the ultimate disposition of what some have termed as a "thug family lawsuit".

The DQ is still open.

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Antibubba said...

I suppose they were trying to cover losing their sole source of income.