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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

SR-71 on its final flight:


Tod Germanica said...

Cool, now find us a video of the SR-71's alleged successor, the SR-91 Aurora. I've never even seen a drawing or sketch, much less a pic of the supposed Aurora. But the Air Force can keep secrets and I think it probably exists. I don't believe they would have retired the Blackbird fleet absent an air breathing fast reconnaissance aircraft with a quicker response than orbiting satellites.

re the paragon said...

I think I may have seen something like the Aurora. In 2000 I was camping in the mountains in Southern Oregon. I was clean camping, not making a fire. From the mountain I was on I could see I-5, a river of light, and the regular passenger jets going North/South on the Coast air corridor.

At one point I saw a light, moving from the Northwest (from out over the ocean) heading towards Nevada. It was moving very fast, at least 3x as fast as the other jets I could see. The really odd thing was that it seemed to be moving in a series of jerks. I was thinking some type of pulse jet.

The lights on I-5 and the jets were moving smoothly, so I don't think the jerking movement was a trick of my eyes. But I have no idea what I actually saw.

Old NFO said...

Nice vid, and yes, they were noisy bastards! Used to be in the hangar next to us in Okinawa. And they ALWAYS had priority over everything else on the airfield when they started/launched.