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Friday, May 28, 2021

1911 Baseplates

I like Wilson magazines. They're not terribly cheap, but they're reliable. The rounded plastic follower doesn't dig into the feed ramp, which is an issue with alloy-framed guns (of which I have one). The only think I don't really care for is that the baseplate of the magazines are fairly thick.

Wilson makes metal baseplates that are quite a bit thinner than the standard plastic baseplates. This shows a Wilson 47, which ws the issue magazine for the Marines' M45 Colt .45s:

This shows a Wilson ETM, which is an eight-round magazine:

ETM baseplate is thinner in both height and width. The ETM does stick out a little more from the magazine well. Both magazines protrude, as opposed to standard GI magazines, which fit flush. Still, the metal baseplates would print less and, when dropped from the gun, are less susceptible to damage.

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