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Friday, May 7, 2021

It Was Probably too Difficult to Arrange the Ceiling Lights into a Swastika

So the LoserMan from the South (of Queens) had to settle for arranging the lights to resemble the Flag of Traitors:

Apparenlty, the photo was taken at the American Nazi CPAC conference in February, but I didn't see it until today.


Tod Germanica said...

Yea, that or those deadly CGI flying staples that keep trying to kill young Jeff Bridges in the original Tron. Or else Close Encounters.
Can't be the treason states' Battle Flag, too many stars. They had lucky 13 I think. Maybe all the states are treason states in trump's flag.

Jimmy T said...

More like Close Encounters meets Deliverance (ridicule alert)...


Tod Germanica said...

Jimmy T
Man, you got to warn us. Snorted the dark roast out my nose from laughing. Deliverance was awesome while Close Encounters was probably very popular in France. They lost me when Richard Dreyfuss starts compulsively sculpting a model Devil's Postpile out of mashed potatoes. WTF? That happened to me once. I got better. Flick went downhill from there all the way to François Truffaut attempting to act. That didn't go well.