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Saturday, May 1, 2021


A stray cat is scoping out the location of Priss's food dish to see if he can make a run at it.


re the paragon said...

Just put out another bowl for the poor guy.

Comrade Misfit said...

That won't work; I'd have to put the bowl outside and the birds would eat the food. (BT,DT)

Tod Germanica said...

Those hit and run artists get a lot. That one even looks like a bandit.
Yep, the birds eat the cat food, later the cats eat the birds. It is nature's great cycle. Or something.

Ten Bears said...

Looks a little well-fed to be a stray, you sure they aren't out slumming?

DTWND said...

Most strays are healthy looking, according to my better half, a wildlife rehabilitator. To remain an outdoor cat, they have to know how to hunt, and do it well to survive. The most common problem with these ferals is parasites (worms, fleas, etc.). Like Bob Barker said, spay and neuter your pets to control the population of ferals.


dinthebeast said...

Around here, the damn raccoons would have it before the cats even found it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Tod Germanica said...

Skunks, Canada geese and wild turkeys clean it up too. Don't feed the semi-wild critters.