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Friday, March 20, 2020

Being Young and Stupid During a Pandemic

More here.

Being young isn't a complete shield against COVID-19. Even if they don't get seriously sick or die, they may bring the virus to someone who is more susceptible.

Their names are going to be written down, they won't be forgotten. Their stupidity will follow them.


Stewart Dean said...

Needed: something like the Darwin Award, but for people whose stupidity causes others to die. I initially thought of the captain of the Titanic, but he isn't well known and not that many died.
We could call it the Trump award.

dinthebeast said...

CDC says that 38% of COVID-19 hospitalizations are younger than 55, so perhaps these bright youngsters aren't as safe as they are assuming.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Deadstick said...

Would some infected person be so good as to kiss that asshole?