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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Trump Could Have Saved Himself a Lot of Money

All he had to have done was to order his legal team to read this:
You're not going to vote to remove the President from office. Regardless of the evidence, regardless of whether or not the Senate calls witnesses, you're not going to vote to remove the President. You wouldn't do that even if video showed the President strangling the last porn star he had sex with. You don't have the guts to do that. We all know what the outcome of this so-called trial is going to be. Go ahead and vote.
The rest of what Trump's legal team has been saying is nothing more than bullshit and eyewash. There's one piece of ambulatory sleaze who now decries the "age of impeachment" while ignoring the hand he had in the last one. There's another self-styled scholar-for-hire whose argument apparently flips, depending on who's paying him the most or what network will interview him. Another's main talent is making good TV appearances on Trump's favorite network. There's another one who allegedly let Trump skate on fraud charges after he dumped cash into her political PAC.

Trump's legal team is appropriate for Trump: A bunch of scum-sucking sleazeballs defending the most corrupt president in American history.

But none of that matters.

Trump owns the Republican Party. There aren't enough GOP Senators who have the spine, the gonads or the guts to go against him. They are uniformly a pack of lily-livered weasels. (Which, I suppose, is unfair to weasels, but since animals can't sue for defamation....) There is no way that they are going to vote to do anything else than ratify Trump as a wannabee autocrat.

You know that, Gentle Reader. So the GOP senators, a pack of old, white, millionaire cowards, might as well go ahead and vote to not remove Trump.

And be damned for what they are about to do.


DTWND said...

I always laugh when their argument is "They're trying to overturn the 2016 election when the People elected Trump!" Umm, Trump lost by over 3 million votes.


Oblio said...

100% agreed, love the statement they SHOULD have read into the Senate record. My wife thinks the tide is turning on calling witnesses, but I keep telling her the GOP senators will take the short-term hit of refusing witness testimony for the perceived gains towards saving tRump's ass and (they think) the GOP's hoped-for skin-of-the-teeth win in November. The fix was always in, and it remains to be seen how negative the reaction to Republican boot-licking will be. I wish the teevee pundits would stop using the obscene talking point about sane Republicans doing the right thing. Makes me gag. Meh.

Eck! said...

There is one way the timid rethugs can win on this...
Impeach and remove the bastard.

Why does that work?

If he has no power he can't attack you.


dinthebeast said...

He can't attack you, but his idiot hordes can vote you out in a primary. The real problem has never been Fergus, but the propaganda addicted Republican electorate, and the propaganda outlets they build their description of reality from the output of.

The witnesses won't change the outcome of the impeachment trial, but they may assist us in hanging Republican votes to acquit around Republican senatorial necks and beating them with them in November.

McConnell has reduced impeachment to an electoral strategy (to accomplish what Fergus' extortion of Ukraine failed to do and smear Joe Biden) so the Democrats need to catch a clue this time and use it against them, which they can because the Republicans are guilty as hell.

-Doug in Oakland

Tod Germanica said...

Everyone keeps saying this is a referendum on GOP senators. But we know by now they're as invertebrate as earthworms. And, as you pointed out, we know they'll acquit trump. Given that, I see the 'trial' as a referendum on GOP voters. If they vote for Putin's boy in November we'll know they are treason monkeys just like him. And with decades of Fox News brain fog befuddling them, they'll vote for Dear Leader as always. These cultists cannot be persuaded or changed no matter how many trump crimes and misdemeanors are exposed. They must be crushed at the polls.

Jim in Monroe said...

3.5 years and still nothing. keep trying for the next 4.5 years. maybe something will turn up. you guys just keep saying he's guilty. If you're so dang sure, why is he still in office doing great things for this country.

And heck yeah, I'd vote for Putin before the batch of ding dongs running against Trump and America. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler...all treasonous bastards.

He's draining the swamp, and I've got lots of popcorn. Watching this site is nothing but entertaining. Carry on.

CenterPuke88 said...

The problem, Jim, is that there is plenty, but the format prevents him being found guilty. The big problem for the GOP is this will hang around their necks for years, as drip by drip, the revelations come out. At some point, the trickle becomes a flood and reality will set in. And then , the GOP will sink like the Whigs.

B said...

Just as an aside, the People don't choose the President,the Electors do.

And, BTW, it isn't like the Dems didn't vote in lockstep in the House, Ms Misfit.

Ten Bears said...

You'de vote for Putin, aeh? Fifty years ago I swore an oath to defend this land against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. You are the enemy. You're also less than human, ask a combat vet why.

Dark Avenger said...

The Republicans decided to protect their fearless leader, so their heads wouldn’t be on poles, B.

0_0 said...

Where is the version for the Democrat Senators who have also made their decisions already?

Dr Roy Tam said...

You mean, the Democratic Senators that weren’t fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the so-called defense? Or Mitch McConnell trying to block the calling of witnesses? What is he afraid of?

Jim in Monroe said...

Blocking witnesses? How about Schiff release the transcript from the 18th witness - IG Atkinson? Seems to me the Dems are the domestic enemies. Many a vet will agree. And the format prevents Trump from being found guilty? Give me a break. 3.5 years, millions of dollars and you got nothing. Every bombshell that was going to get rid of Trump has been a dud. Every one. Let that sink in.
Carry on.

Dark Avenger said...

Blocking witnesses? How about Schiff release the transcript from the 18th witness.
You wouldn’t rather have the testimony of the people who actually were listening the call in real time? Why is that?

There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

Jim in Monroe said...

And who were these people actually listening? How about we see and hear from both? I'd rather have all the info to determine the truth.

Dark Avenger said...

Ask and it shall be given to you:

Known Participants In The July 25 Call


Photo of Donald Trump
Donald Trump
U.S. president

Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State

Robert Blair
Senior Adviser to Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney

Keith Kellogg
National Security Adviser
Jennifer Williams
Adviser for Europe and Russia

Charles Kupperman
Deputy National Security Adviser
Timothy Morrison
Senior Director for European Affairs
Alexander Vindman
Top Ukraine expert

May include duty officers, policy staff and translators


CenterPuke88 said...

Jim, yes, let’s hear from them all. A fun footnote is that Donnie’s tweets may have ruined his executive privilege argument.

Tod Germanica said...

Jim, go to Russia if you don't like it here. I assume you're white so you'll fit right in. Why settle for an ersatz Putin like trump for your Dear Leader when you can have the real thing in your beloved Mother Russia? Don't let me the door hit your ass on the way out. I too took an outh to defend the constitution. That makes you my enemy if you support Russia over the US.
US Army, Vietnam, '70-'71

Ed said...

The Dems lose again. They must be doing something wrong. https://www.vinsuprynowicz.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Dg44pomXUAAUNRj.jpg

Charlie said...

The dunce "Brain" of Harvard was paid big money to set up and give Republicans an unConstitutional reason to not ask for witnesses and evidence in a trial. Trial means "try all." My College dictionary uses the words "evidence" and "witnesses." In the 18th century the founders thought the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court was likely the best one to oversee all aspects of a true trial were available in the event an impeachment trial was necessary.. I ask you what he provided. Why did Senators have to debate and vote on whether or not elements of a trial were going to be allowed. Why do such people receive our tax dollars and lifetime appointments? Oh, and the rich Wizard of Harvard also probably does not want to lose the two new tax breaks for the rich made into law by Swamp Boy.

DTWND said...

The Republicans have given this country it’s first king. It remains to be seen if the minions will keep this king or if they’ll elect a new one in November. That is, unless the current king declares there will be no more elections.


Chris said...
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Chris said...
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Chris said...
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Comrade Misfit said...

Handing out a few Red Cards today.

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