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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Dragon Abort Test

With luck, they'll fly a manned mission to the ISS later this year.


Stewart Dean said...

...and the polish of the SpaceX's presentation, the beamed back imagery, the split-second precision of everything going absolutely right....made Boeing's 50% more expensive efforts look cheap and amateurish. But hey, nobody does it right and pads the budget like an established corporation, amirite?
Boeing has a lot of game to get right.
I read that its new CEO is going to get a bonus if the Max is flying by whenever, and I couldn't help but think: this is what corporate America has come to: not superior products of the highest quality, delivered on time and at budget as a matter of expected performance, but getting a bonus for doing something that ought to be almost ordinary
Mr. New CEO should make a name for himself like Iacocca, with integrity and guts (how unusual in this day and age) and let the bonuses come if and when they may. A company with its honor, quality, safety and integrity restored should be the goal, with the Max flying as a side-effect, not the other way around.
Effing numbers. You measure numbers, you get numbers. As they say, the map is not the territory; numbers are a map, but they are not territory of integrity and exceptional aircraft design and production. Such are the externalities that spread-sheets and numbers don't account for, except with the BS of Total Quality, 6-Smegma and the like.
You have to care with real passion about excellence, with it present at every level of an enterprise, not just dangle a carrot in front of the C-suite.

CenterPuke88 said...

So, how does our President, Vlad, er, Donnie feel about this? Is so wth8ng going to come up to keep us paying hard money to Russia for seats?

Old NFO said...

Nicely done!

Deadstick said...


6-Smegma -- wow, wish I could forward that crack to myself 20 years ago!

Stewart Dean said...

Deadstick, I joined IBM in '86, full of stars in my eyes from reading 'A Business and Its Beliefs' but when the family was long gone and IBM had begun to implode. I had the good fortune to work in two Fellow Groups and was involved in the creation of Deep Blue/Watson. IBM was full of brilliant, committed engineers who went for it with heart and soul (and sometimes sacrificed blood and marriages)...but management and sales were working only for the numbers and big payout, instead of the quality that yields big payout. The manglement, so often lobotomized with a detached conscience, were seen oh so clearly by the engineers, no dummies they, and phrases like 6 smegma circulated in a sort of underground. Again and again, after every defeat, the generals got medals and the troops got shoot. The beatings continued, but the morale didn't improve, and the mano muerto of management blights everything. It's only a matter of time now; IBM is doomed.