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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Caturday; The Great Tuesday Evening Laundry Massacre Edition

Jake is lying on his chair. You may have noted that the usual zebra-striped blanket is not covering the chair.

Tuesday evening, I came home to find out that Jake had crapped on it. And not normal cat-sized turds, no, these turds were friggin' huge. He had also crapped and barfed on my bed. Because he had done that in several spots, the normal cover, a fleece blanket, a comforter, both sheets and the mattress pad needed to be washed, along with a couple of towels used to cover other chairs.

I have an apartment-sized stacked washer, not a large full-sized unit. I did three loads of wash on Tuesday night and two more on Wednesday.

And Jake really didn't care for the bath he got on Tuesday night in order to remove the crap that had dried and matted on his fur. Not one bit.

But as of Friday morning, he had not had another bowel movement. He pooped some late that afternoon, but this is still not normal. So this morning, it's off to the vet for him.

Don't touch that dial.

Update: His colon is of normal size (they took a X-ray). There is a hard-ish turn up there that the vet could feel. She recommends giving him stool softeners, an over-the-counter kind; I have a piece of paper with the type and the recommended dosage. Jake's sleeping on his heated bed and no doubt dreaming of what vengeance he will have for this morning's indignities.


Suz said...

Thank God it's something manageable.

Nangleator said...

Poor old man. Must have been in considerable pain.

Comrade Misfit said...

He was crying when he used the litterbox. I gave him a stool softener last night and this morning. I'll do that for two more doses and hopefully this too, shall pass.

Comrade Misfit said...

No kidding. It was in my mind that losing all three cats in one year would be a bit much.