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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busting Up an Armed Robbery

I wonder if armed robbers can get Workers' Comp, since getting shot while carrying out their trade is kind of an occupational hazard.


Fucking UPS. "Delivery by the end of the day" apparently means "any time up and until 2359 local time".


Ruth said...

If thats what the person at the UPS 800# told you call your local office instead. The 800# people suck and will cheerfully lie to you to make you go away rather than actually track your package. I've complained about that one line so many times....they keep refering my complaint to the local office instead of the call center (the local office lady said rather impolite things about the call center people the last time lol).

Comrade Misfit said...

That's basically what the web site told me. At 1730 I had to leave for a meeting, no package. When I got home at 1930, it was on my front porch.

wolfbitch said...

UPS is basically good at what it does--delivering packages. About coming on time, not so much. I usually wait until I get the First Notice We'll Be Back Whenever, then I call the central distribution system in my area and arrange to have them hold it there so I can pick it up. Now, central distribution is a whole 'nother clusterfuck of epic proportions since the guys handling it have no idea exactly where any of the trucks are and/or when they'll be back. So they tell you, Show up no later than 7PM.... and then you wait. For a few hours. And there's no bathroom. (We pee in their parking lot.)