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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

I Don't Know Who These Guys Are and I Don't Care; Gun Ed. (Yes, I'm Old)

Rost-Martin RMC1.

I don't much follow developments in striker-fired pistols. If I were to get a striker-fired, double-stack 9mm,[1] I'd get a Glock or a S&W M&P or Equalizer and call it good. Probably the Smith, as I prefer safeties on cocked (or semi-cocked) guns, or double-action. Because I am old, almost as much as these guys, and I know what works for me.

The new hotness seems to be reflex sights. More and more guns are coming either ready to accept the various adapter plates (like the RMC1) or they have such sights installed. When I go to a local USPSA match,[2] I see a lot more people using reflex sights. Most are on gamer-type guns. Once or twice I've seen somebody shooting a carry-sized gun with them. Not sure what that's telling me.

Changing gears, I read a recent profile about Judith Butler, of whom I had never heard. Butler uses they/their/them pronouns, which is fine for Butler. But, having grown up with grammar rules that distinguishes between singular and plural pronouns,[3] it's a little difficult for me to shift gears and realize that "they said that" or "it was their opinion that" is about a single person. I can understand why that is used, for the traditional non-generded signular pronoun would be a little bit insulting, maybe.

Yes, I'm old. So I'm going to close this and go outside to yell at clouds for awhile.
[1] Which I'm not going to to, because hi-cap magazines are illegal here.
[2] IDPA seems more rule-y. USPSA doesn't seem to care that much at a Level 1 match, since I am a member of neither.
[3] Enforced with the smack of a ruler, if need be.


Eck! said...

When I look at that thing its overall impressions are not affirming.
It looks to me like a cheaply cast plastic with mold lines still

they/their/them... The three horses of the pack of lips.

When I hear that he first questions are, what specific person
am I talking to, and is this person a multiple personality?
If they ask me to I can, iif rather use their name instead
as my brain despite frequently violating grammar rules
tends to balk at the language. It is awkward language and
skips the first person singular reference point. Its
consequence to many is both grating and irritating often
without recognition of why.

Its not an I'm old thing. Its warped language and sometimes
I wonder. Then I remember language has structure, syntax,
and defined words. When you step out of that it becomes
gibberish without context and translation.


CenterPuke88 said...

Eck!, I disagree. It IS that we are set in our ways (old). Today’s youth have no problem using whatever pronouns however. The fact is language is constantly evolving and changing, but those of us who have been using the language a long time tend to use it the way we learnt it, not the way it is currently used. I find trying to use a persons preferred pronouns a minor effort in order to show a person respect, as one should in general terms. I have stumbled over pronouns with a number of friends of young relatives, but a sincere effort is always appreciated, and I’ve never been scolded over it as it is evident I am trying. As for grammar and such, I find the absolute constraints of grammar and language are a straitjacket, neither comfortable nor often necessary.

Sdv1949 said...

FYI, the Equalizer is a single action hammer fired pistol. Lovely little gun. Ask me how I know.

Comrade Misfit said...

You are right. My mistake.

Tam said...

Okay, Boomer.

Comrade Misfit said...

Missed the part in the last paragraph where I said that I'm old?