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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

South Africa Can Go Take a Flying Fuck At a Rolling Doughnut

South Africa, which brought the case against Israel to the ICC, doesn't not only give a damn about Russian crimes against the Ukrainian people, they count Russia as one of their dear, dear friends.

Nobody, including the South Africans, seems to give a shit that the Russians recently hit a large hardware store in a shopping center in Kharkiv and killed well over a dozen people. There was no mention of any hint of a military rationale for shooting a missile into that shopping center. It gets mentioned a few times and then the world shrugs and moves its gaze away. They don't give a shit that the Russians have been deliberately and openly targeting civilian infrastructure and institutions. All there is is silence from much of the world, including South Africa.

So yes, fuck those guys, too.

1 comment:

Sam240 said...

The ICC already has one arrest warrant out for Putin, so it would be redundant to ask for another.