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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A Scenario for Demented Donnie's Power Grab

If he wins, chances are that the GOP will have control of both houses of Congress for two years.

So this is how I see it working: In 2026, after the mid-terms, Don Snoreleone's vice-president will step down. He or she will be given control of a multi-billion dollar "investment fund," funded by the Saudis and the Russians. The fund will be wholly offshore, so the former Veep will be able to do as they want, especially if they move to Dubai or some place like that.

Don, Jr., a/k/a/ Coke Boy, will be chosen by his dad to be the new Veep. After Coke Boy is confirmed, and if the GOP retains control of both houses of Congress, Cadet Bone Spurs will step down in 2027. The reason for doing that is that, if Coke Boy serves less than two years, he can run for both election in 2028 and re-election in 2032. If they lose control of one or both houses, then he'll leave before the end of 2026 so he can get whomever he wants as Veep.

So who would that be? Jared the Wonder Skell? It can't be Barron, he'll still be too young. Ivanka doesn't seem to have the fire in her belly. Eric does, but, well, he comes across as being more lacky than leader.

Do you have more of a nightmare scenario than mine?


Jones, Jon Jones said...

Definitely a good start. I wouldn't go too far past the money angle. Melania must have a pre-nup that accrues well over time. Tiger learned from the Greg Norman divorce and got out for $50MM. I've been known to be wrong before.

dan gerene said...

Those thoughts are too scary to dwell on. We would have the book '1984' and the movie 'Idiocracy' put together as a reality show come to life in the White House. Instead of "Drink Brawndo, it's got electrolytes" we will have "Buy my souvenirs and we will always be safe from Eastasia."

Eck! said...

Mine would be that TOFF wins the case in NYC. The rest is
dystopian details on how it goes.

Then again we could get lucky and TOFF could suffer
from his heath habits and die.


w3ski said...

I don't know what you are having for a before bed snack, but if I were you, I'd change my diet. That is a real nightmare you have there. We really need to vote so that doesn't come anywhere near true. I have high hopes that the women's vote will be in our favor and tip the scales. The opposite is too terrible to dwell on.

Paul said...

the election happens, Biden gets 74 million but trump gets 59 million, and most of the states remain the same as they did in 2020, except North Carolina and Kansas (!) flipping to Biden.

however, the Red state legislatures refuse to certify any election results, denying any Electoral Count to happen, in an attempt to force the situation to the US House, where the Constitution has each state (not representative) hold the vote for President. If there are 26 states still dominated by GOP congresscritters, they will happily vote for trump in spite of the obvious popular (and Electoral) results.

at that point, the Blue states refuse to accept trump. Biden, as sitting President until Jan. 20th, 2025, will be under extreme pressure to either surrender to the illegal GOP efforts or declare insurrection by them. At which point: civil war.

Frank Wilhoit said...

Whatever actually happens will be worse, simpler, and totally disjoint from any/all provisions of the Constitution or of the United States Code.

dinthebeast said...

I haven't seen any nightmare scenario that's any scarier than the 2025 project...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Pete said...

OK, the right doesn't have a monopoly on conspiracy theories. Good to know.


Comrade Misfit said...

The difference between conspiracy theories and possible scenarios is a big one.

dan gerene said...

Before January 6, 2021, Ki and probably most other figured the Trump Cult would probably just make noise and complain loudly and maybe a few would actually get violent. Then those many Trump acolytes rioted and tried to overturn the election. Since so many are still defending him, then I wouldn't put any more violence past them. And that is just what Trump desires.