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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Phishing Warning

I have been getting texts that have asked me to verify my adddress to ensure that a shipment arrives properly and which contain links. I've been deleting them immediately.

You should, too. They are scams.

You should also advise those that you know who may fall prety to such criminal bullshit.

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JustMusing said...

I just completed a 2.5 hour employer required course on Phishing, Smishing, Social Engineering, Promise of Money, Give Us All Your IP or We'll Post All Your DM's, Let Me Borrow Your ID Badge, Entry Door Tailgating, and Can I haz your password?

Watch out for mis-spellings, poor grammar, bogus links, bogus sender addresses, and mouse over everything to check for spoofs.

My work computer logs me off if I'm away for 5 minutes and the constant re-authenticating just to read work e-mails is sucking up engineering time.

I'm starting to feel a little paranoid.