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Sunday, December 26, 2021

Love Your Republican Friends and Relatives, But Don't Respect Them

Pastor Pavlovitz has the truth of the matter.

Go read it. It's best not to try and grab a quote. But in short, the GOP has become a racist, corrupt, antidemocratic, authoritarian party and Republicans are happy about it.

In short, Republicans are not Americans. Their loyalty is only to their party, not to their country.

When a Republican pledges allegiance to the Flag and to the Republic for which it stands, they are lying like motherfuckers.

(I think I got this from here.)


Stewart Dean said...

They cannot be forgiven for they know exactly what they do...and do it any way

w3ski said...

I am tired of treasonous and seditious Rethugs, claiming to be Patriots because they pack guns. A gun in no way confers patriotism, and their me-only attitude denies patriotism.
A patriot loves his country, not a small part of it. A patriot is to help protect the weak, not prey on them.
Tired of their selfish BS

B said...

SO the Dems attempts to destroy our constitution, to make the US a Socialist State, to weaken the strength of the country, it's military and the economy...to destroy freedoms and security, to twist the laws that keep Government in check, and their outright hiding of the criminality of the Clintons don't count against them like the charges you raise against the Republicans?
One sided there, ain't it?

But then again, your posting this shows the level of double standards you live under.

Comrade Misfit said...

Oh, back to the Clintons. Bill left office in 2001. Your side had the White House for 12 of the following 21 years. Your side has had control of one or more branches of Congress for at least 16 years.

Where are the indictments? Convictions?

Your side has nothing, other than a fixation that borders on mental illness. Your side, while yammering on about the Clintons, turned a blind eye to the corruption of the Trump clan/ And you have the nerve to complain about double standards, B?

Beyond that, in order to have the economic policies that you want, you're willing to tolerate destroying this country as a democracy. You're happy to turn to this country into a autocracy, where the elections are rigged so only your side wins. Because, even as Trump admitted, if the elections were fair, Republicans would lose.

That is what your side is doing, but you close your eyes to it, because of the Clintons. And you have the utter gall to accuse me of not being fair?

Robbie said...

Well said, Comrade Misfit!

Dark Avenger said...

Which Administration overstretched our Armed Forces? Which Administration was paranoid about a non-existent atomic weapons program in the Middle East? Who was the Vice-President who told us that they knew “Where (said weapons) they are?” How many Congressional hearings wasted taxpayer money on Benghazi, in a futile attempt to prove that Hillary Clinton somehow was responsible for what happened there?

Oh, yeah, B, it was the Democrats. Thanks for removing the scales from my eyes.

Ten Bears said...

Laughing, uproariously, out loud ... pointing fingers, making cat-calls.

It's like crossing Groundhog Day with the Stepford Clones.

Or Max Headroom ...

B said...

Where are the convictions for the accusations against Trump? Even the show trial was a disgrace, showing there was no real evidence, just innuendo and lies. Look at the Clinton Foundation and Hati for how clean Hillary was. We don't need to discuss how the term "Arkancide" was coined,,,,

Again, you have terribly double standards in your assessments of all things Republican vs Democrat. It is sad, you used to be such a logical, well-thought person. It was why I started reading your stuff. Now, sadly, not so much, which is why I only occasionally stop in here to see your diatribes.

It is sad, really. You were once so much more.

DTWND said...

B, once again you are full of shit by hitting each and every right-wing talking point being pushed by Fox, OAN, Q-Anon and any other bat-shit crazy site you peruse. You chastise others for not being open minded or doing 'research' and yet you continually demonstrate behavior that is contradictory to what you preach. What a hypocrite.

You are one of those that crave attention, any kind, good or bad. Several years ago you asked our host to reciprocate a link to your blog which she did and still has up. However, YOU removed the link to her blog last year when you were hammered on all the lies and falsehoods you espoused. IIRC, you announced on your blog you would remove her link due to the pushback by those on the left. What a tiny, weak spined, person you are.


Comrade Misfit said...

B, Trump left office (almost at bayonet point) last year. He and his companies are under active investigation for all manner of things. The investigations into the 1/6/21 Insurrection may yet net him.

Clinton, I repeat, left office 21 years ago. For you to conflate the two shows that you are grasping at straws.

But he is wrong about one thing. You did notify me, four years ago, that you wanted to break the reciprocity agreement. I left your blog up, anyway. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. I'll fix that.

What you said, then, was that you thought I was being unreasonable and unfair. Again, that was for years ago. And yet....

Ten Bears said...

Is it too late to point out that for all practical intents and purposes not even a year out of office and he's doing the county fair circuit with a circus clown?

dinthebeast said...

The goddamn Republicans are trying to kill democracy. Full stop. In light of that, does anything else matter? And don't give me any whining bullshit about voter fraud; giving Republican dominated state legislatures the power to overturn elections is not about voter fraud, it's about finding a way for fucking Republicans to rule without winning elections. That's a goddamn coup, plain and simple. Sure, there are no guns involved, but guns could not successfully pull off a coup here, and the goddamn Republicans are doing just that.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Frank Wilhoit said...

Loyalty to Party and loyalty to tribe are not exactly the same thing. Addiction to ideology is yet another thing. Ignoring distinctions between superficially-similar things is not one of ours, it is one of theirs.

Also, except for a very few -- hold that thought -- they are not lying, they are telling (each other) stories. This is not the same thing. It is no less harmful and no less wrong, and it may appear to have the same practical effect (more so a while back, less so as time goes on), but it is not the same thing.

They believe in the Republic that they have been taught about by their storytellers, and they believe that they are a supermajority therewithin. We could wish they were lying; that would give us a point of leverage that, as it is, we do not have.

Some few of them do know better, and are lying, and are in it for what (tangible or intangible) can be stolen. There may have even been a time when those few were, in some sense, "in charge" -- a popular theory in some quarters, tho' one that I never shared. (While most of our thought leaders were watching the corporations, I was watching the churches; and while most of theirs were looking for things that were not nailed down, they neglected to watch their own backs.) It cannot now be proven, either way, but it does not matter, because today it is certainly no longer the case.

The rest of them are in it for the headbreaking, and they do not care which heads, except on grounds of pure convenience.

Robbie said...

B Trump foundation. Trump University He's a con man - grifter.