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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Foxes in the Henhouse

St. Clair County, IL – Ten out of 13 members of the Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire Department quit at a fire district board meeting on Monday night after a convicted arsonist was appointed acting fire chief.

I guess the fact that the Chief Arsonist is the son of the county's emergency management agency made no difference whatsover.

In a pig's eye.

1 comment:

Tod Germanica said...

So many firefighters moonlight as firebugs. Like doctors spreading disease and glaziers breaking windows. Why do you suppose that is? Mental kink, psychopath or just drumming up bidness? Pretty stupid too considering the astronomical retirement pay for firefighters. I get that it's dangerous. But then so is farming and fishing. Like prison screws, firemen know how to pull political strings for financial advantage. I don't want to pull them down (much), just like to see fairness. Scarce on the ground here. Arson is so much more common than most volks know about. It can pay big.