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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Only Two Kinds of People Believe This Shit: Paid Trolls and Idiots

As President Biden prepares to host a “summit for democracy” this week, China has counterattacked with an improbable claim: It’s a democracy, too.

No matter that the Communist Party of China rules the country’s 1.4 billion people with no tolerance for opposition parties; that its leader, Xi Jinping, rose to power through an opaque political process without popular elections; that publicly calling for democracy in China is punished harshly, often with long prison sentences

A one-party state with so such thing as elections, let alone ones that are free and fair. is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship.[1] That shouldn't even be a matter of debate.

[1] You know, the kind of state that Republicans are trying to cheat into existence.


Ten Bears said...

Historically, Sun Tzu's Art of War time for popular reference, ~ 2,500 years ago ~ "Warring States" China could be the Father of Fascism. Twelve of the Fourteen Characteristics.

Any wonder why it's damned near a text-book at the business colleges and grad schools?

I have read one for lack of a better term translation as "The Art of Peace" ...

Stewart Dean said...

Hey, this is fantasy democracy just like fantasy football, no connection to reality. It's the best kind of democracy for an authoritaria bunch of thugs, and coming soon to America thanks to the once party of Lincoln.