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Saturday, December 25, 2021

James Webb Space Telescope

Launch is in a half-hour:

ETA: Successful launch!

The launch site was overcast, so after the initial boost, there wasn't much to see.

ETA: The JWST Blog is now in one of the blogrolls.


dinthebeast said...

Scott Manley said "There's no truth to the rumor that the launch will interfere with Santa and his reindeer, everyone knows that a JWST launch on schedule is just a myth..."
But, no, it flew. Now for a tense month while it puts itself together and makes its way to L2.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

gray fox said...

Here's a nice two minute video from NASA laying out all the stages of deployment over the next two weeks.

Days five through seven are the really scary ones unfurling the sunshield. So damn many potential single point failures.


And on a lighter note: https://ibb.co/h7QMMHq