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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico...

I'm guessing that if five people got whacked in a drive-by that turned into a massacre by gunmen wielding machine guns anywhere in the English-speaking parts of the United States, that this would have been a leading news story everywhere. But either because they speak Spanish there, or Puerto Rico is a territory, there was virtually no coverage of the story. (The shooting happened on December 7th.)


w3ski said...

Real brave honchos there. Shooting the dead and wounded. I'm not looking forward to that here, but it is all too likely.

bolomk1 said...

The victims all appeared to return fire until incapacitated or out of ammo rendering them defenseless. Would have expected compadres to drag them into cover but who knows what the affilliations were. Good lesson in situatioanal awareness!