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Friday, November 12, 2021

What, They Couldn't Get More Kids from Illinois with Illegally-Obtained Guns?

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced Friday that approximately 500 Wisconsin Army National Guard troops have been authorized to support authorities in Kenosha following the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Members of the National Guard will stage outside Kenosha in a standby status to respond if requested by local law enforcement agencies, officials say. The Rittenhouse trial has entered its final stages

Besides that, Rittenhouse's friend acted as a straw purchaser, buying a gun for Rittenhouse that Rittenhouse was not legally able to buy on his own. There's at least a couple of Federal charges in that alone. Why hasn't he been charged?

ETA: He was charged. Trial TBD. But he apparently was not charged with a Federal crime.


montag said...

I was wondering if his mom's one night stint as a getaway driver makes her equally culpable under Wisconsin or federal law?

Ten Bears said...

I've been wondering about that too: ferried a minor child across state lines and dropped him off in the middle of a riot with an illegally obtained and possessed assault rifle.

Kid should be in a home for half-wits, the mother in prison, on death-row ...

seafury said...

He walks, period. Judge Schroeder won't allow a guilty verdict on ANY charges. And I'll go out on a limb and say his record is expunged so he can become a police officer. As a resident of the Badger state, about 20 miles "nort" of Kenosha, Wisconsin has become a special kind of crazy. We're the land of Fuc$ Biden and Let's go Brandon. With our legislature and Ron Johnson
expect a state holiday when Kevin the peacekeeper walks before the end of next week.

0_0 said...

The friend has been charged, but I'm having trouble finding it because I don't remember the name.
Grosskreutz, however, has not been charged with anything.

Possession of the rifle was legal. No. really.

The judge is all bark, no bite.

0_0 said...

duh, Dominick Black's name is in the linked article. All of my searches come up Rittenhouse, though.

JustMusing said...

A year old article at WaPo:


"Prosecutors have charged that friend, 19-year-old Dominick David Black, with two felony counts of intentionally selling a gun to a minor. Black made his first court appearance on Monday in the Kenosha County Circuit Court."

“In all reality, you are not supposed to have that gun,” Black allegedly told Rittenhouse after the shooting, according to police records. “That gun was in my name."