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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Dumbass Insurrectionists

One clown (aka "Florida Man") listed his house on Zillow; the photos included a whiteboard that had an inventory of stuff he had, including flash-bang grenades. Which he had no license to own. Which got the FBI interested.

Meanwhile, the Insurrectionist Real Estate Agent who claimed that she was too white and too blonde to go to jail for trying to overthrow the government has found out otherwise.


JustMusing said...

The entitlement is strong in this pair.

Perhaps a layover in a penitentiary might knock some sense into them.

But more likely to radicalize them even deeper into acting on imagined "grievances".

gray fox said...

Jennifer Ryan -- Miss too blonde too white -- is now claiming that oh dear, I'm really not like that at all, it's just a media image I have to maintain. For reasons. Daily Kos had an article on that, which unfortunately I can't retrieve now.