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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Silenced Sten

"Gun Jesus" goes out shooting with one:

Remember that Sten guns fired from an open bolt, so the sound of the bolt cycling couldn't be engineered out of it.


Glypto Dropem said...

I got to fire a suppressed STEN at a machine gun shoot in Westfield, MA. I don't believe it was one of these models, but a standard STEN with an added can. I did a whole mag on manual burst full auto without a hiccup. It was real quiet, but I don't remember hearing the action over the rounds. That was on a suppressed Ruger MKII with subsonic ammo I fired at the same event. All I heard was "clink-clink" of the bolt.

Calling Ian "Gun Jesus" just cracks me up.

Tod Germanica said...

Some of the specialized sound surpressed weapons have bolt locks to further lower noise levels. Then of course full auto or semiautomatic fire isn't possible and the action devolves to bolt action speed. Used mostly for killing sentries quietly prior to noisy assaults.