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Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Insurrectionist Wrist-Slaps

A lot of these clowns are getting light punishments for attempting to overthrow the government. Leonard Pitts asks:

Imagine if it was a mob of Black Lives Matter activists who stormed the Capitol. Can you envision a scenario in which they — the survivors, at least — got off with 60-day sentences?

No, you cannot

The last president would have immediately ordered the NationalGuard to take the building with live ammunition. The survivorswould havebeen immediately rounded up and charged to the max, instead of being arrested months later. The sentences being handed down would have been denominated in years, not days or months.

Justice is not color-blind. Only a fool, or one of five or six justices on the Supreme Court, would claim otherwise.


B said...

Bullshit. Leftist protestors storm and occupy Federal Buildings all the time and get off with no punishment. The Capitol is not sacred, just another Federal building.
THe only reason there is anything being done to the Jan 6th protestors is because they frightened the Legislators and they weren't Democrat approved protests.

Comrade Misfit said...

So the Capitol is “just another Federal building” and the well-documented fact that their aim was to violently overturn the election results is of no importance to you.

Good to know.

(Guess you forgot that it was Kevin McCarthy who was yelling at Trump to call off his goons, but that was before Kev had his spine removed.)

DTWND said...

Ohh, good!! More right wing revisionist history! Can't wait for tomorrow's lesson!

I'll get to it as soon as I'm done cleaning the dryer lint trap and clipping my toe nails.


dinthebeast said...

If I remember correctly, when the Panthers showed up at the capitol building strapped, Saint Ronald Reagan passed gun control legislation...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

I was at the physical therapist yesterday; I have lower back problems, collapsed and hernated discs. I said to the therapist, "I'm thinking of becoming an invertebrate...It's all the rage these days....all the people in Washington DC are doing it.." She laughed and agreed.

dan gerene said...

To believe that the protesters are being punished because the legislature was frightened is a bit beyond belief. Over 100 police officers were injured and millions in damage was done to the Capital, the center of the U.S. government, in an attempt to stop a normal and legal governmental process. To believe this was just a protest is like saying the 9/11 terrorists were just bad student pilots,McVeigh and Nichols just were careless with their fertilizer delivery or the attack on Pearl Harbor was just the Japanese navy on maneuvers when they made a navigational error. "Whataboutism" is just weak rhetoric.

Ten Bears said...

LOL ~ by that measure Benghazi! was "just another Federal building."

Not-laughing ~ or was Benghazi a dress rehearsal? Someone stirred up the population, ginned up a riot that overran "just another Federal building", under the cover of which para-military operatives killed an ambassador and three service members.

I think the Benghazi investigations need be reopened ...

B said...

So, "Dan Genere", What color is the sky in your world?
You obviously need to find a path back to reality. Have you ever read anything about the "insurrections" or is it just stuff people told you.

Yer like the person who told me that Rittenhouse had gone hunting and had killed black people....he hadn't ever actually looked at facts. You sound just like him. Not really connected with the facts, just the hyperbole from the Left leaning media.

Fact is that protesters occupy federal building all the time.....and if they are Leftist they usually face no consequences.

Comrade Misfit said...

Again, B, you are failing to addressed the point that the insurrectionists sought to overturn an election. You are operating under the misbegotten belief that it was just another protest.

Horseshit. You have been drinking the right wing denialist Kool-Aid too long. You’re not much different in that regard from the clowns who said that antifa was behind it, or that 9/11 was an inside job, or that JFK,Jr. is going to come back to life and run as tRump’s running mate in 2024.

If you want to praise and support the seditionists of January 6th, do it on your own blog. Not here.

0_0 said...

The courts are probably going with what can they prove. They can apparently prove someone was trespassing or breaking a window or whatever.

The Herald guy is, not surprisingly, a liar. He knows the damage is not on the level of the worst BLM related riots, and few have been arrested for those.

dan gerene said...

Right now now the sky is dirty grey but sometimes it's blue and in the morning and evening it's red. Then at night it is almost black with little white dots.

B said...

Oh, No, not at all Comrade. I think they are guilty of trespassing and being stupid and some property damage. At no time could they have changed the outcome of the elector count, and to believe otherwise is stupid.
But since the Left leaning folks who occupied (and damaged) Federal buildings (and there were many in the year previous even as much as a few weeks before) were let off, these protestors should be as well. All the others were Leftists, these were on the other side, but the Leftists were not charged nor jailed. Different standards of Justice are a Bad Thing. Had they authorities charged the folks who occupied the courthouses in Portland and other places (Leftist, all) I'd be much more willing to see the Jan 6th idiots charged and punished. As it is, they did nothing the other protesters in other places and times did, except frighten the Legislators that were in the building that day...but they are getting Federal attention whereas the others are not.

Comrade Misfit said...

Whether or not they could have overturned the election is irrelevant. That was clearly what they were trying to do. But you cannot see that, B, bless your heart.

B said...

I notice you (conveniently) failed to address my other point. (the disparity in punishment...like none for the Leftists who occupied (and essentially destroyed, in some cases with fire) other Federal buildings like courthouses and such.

Why is that?

Pete said...

B, you've had this stuff pointed out to you before, but I will do it again.



And while you will probably whine about the left-leaning bias of the ap news, any bias can not change the facts that BLM and leftist protesters were/are being charged, arrested, convicted and sentenced--in some cases severely.

Sorry if the facts don't fit your narrative.