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Friday, November 12, 2021

How the Germans Do It

Unlike the Republicans, who cannot accept teaching the bad shit that makes up part of this country's history, the Germans do teach their kids about their bad shit, as the Rude Pundit discussed.

If the Germans taught the Holocause the way Texas tried to teach slavery, the Germans would have referred to Auschwitz as a center for hospice care.


JustMusing said...

The last two paragraphs from the Guardian article:

“But it’s no accident that this happened in Texas,” the statement added. “We have a textbook adoption process that’s so politicized and so flawed that it’s become almost a punchline for comedians.

“The truth is that too many elected officials who oversee that process are less interested in accurate, fact-based textbooks than they are in promoting their own political views in our kids’ classrooms.”

Still true today.

Dark Avenger said...

Because of my heritage, I eat Chinese-German food. The only drawback is that half an hour later you’re hungry for power again.
(Credit to Dick Cavett)

Stewart Dean said...

Yep, I've long said that the Germans, say what you will about their horrors, are the *only* country that has ever publicly admitted and tried to atone for their crimes against humanity. America (genocide of and theft from the Indians, slavery), nope. English (the subjugation of Ireland and Scotland, theft and the Famine), nope. Europe (their fun and games as colonial powers), nope.
We're a lovely species...and maybe, with climate warming, we are doing away with ourselves.

Stewart Dean said...

...and for the full panoply of how bugshit crazy Texas is, here's an inside look: