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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Dropping These Off, Here

And an extra:

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Dark Avenger said...

Joker—Loves mayhem, trickery and chaos. Job: Comcast Customer service.

Catwoman: Has an uncanny ability to bond with and understand all members of the Felis family, wild and domesticated.
Job: Developing inspection protocols for cat shelters and big cat sanctuaries. Developing enforcement strategies involving fines and licensure removal instead of her usual talons and cat o nine whips.

The Penguin: An autodidact on birds with special reference to the flightless avians he resembles.
Job: Conservation strategies and tactics with special reference to the worlds coldest continent. “So, we’re sending a half ton of herring to this Cobblepot guy at the North Antarctic Research Station?” “Yeah, paid for by the Wayne Foundation.”

The Scarecrow: Ex-psychology professor who is specialist in fear and terror, mass and individual cases.
Job: Editor at large for the NY post.

Mr Freeze: Scientist specializing in generating cryogenic environments, local and otherwise.
Job: Developing and maintenance of said environments for cryophiles and psychrotrophs and the biology of cold tolerance.

The Riddler: Enjoys using puzzles and
Puns to encrypt his communications and hide his true intentions.
Job: Decryption of Metacommunication styles and techniques for the NSA.