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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Shorter Mike Flynn: “Kill or Expel the Jews and the Muslims”
(This is Why I Own a Gun)

Michael Flynn, who was briefly national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, said the United States should have a single religion. “If we are going to have one nation under God, which we must, we have to have one religion,” Flynn said during a speech at the “Reawaken America” conference in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday night. “One nation under God, and one religion under God.”

What a despicable piece of trash Flynn is. Any sentient being who has spent more than fifteen minutes reading the founding document of this country knows that it isn't a theocratic state.

I suppose it's just the sort of thing that one would expect from an alleged Russian tool bent on destabilizing the country.

But don't expect to see a broad spectrum of Trumpist conservatives denouncing Flynn. For you know full well, Gentle Reader, that Flynn is only giving voice to the dearest dreams of the Christian Talibanistas that make up the base of today's Republican party.

This is why anyone who isn't a Christian, or, for that matter, not an evangelical Christian, should know how to shoot. For, given the opportunity, they will come for you.



Dark Avenger said...

Advantages of a knife over a fun bang toy:

Doesn’t need reloading.

Requires a modicum of agility and speed on the part of the owner.

Cannot be as easily seized and used against one as a fun bang toy.

Requires some understanding of the intricacies and weaknesses of human anatomy.

DUKAT: You people really do not do this very well, do you? Now, on Cardassia we know how to extract information, though it can get a bit unpleasant, and we all know how the Federation dislikes unpleasantness.

AMAROS: I share very few sentiments with the Federation.

DUKAT: Oh, that's right. You're renegades, aren't you? Or so you'd like to think. Unfortunately, the Federation has taught you your lessons all too well. You simply lack the commitment it takes to do what is necessary.

AMAROS: You tell that to the crew of the Bok'Nor.

DUKAT: Anyone can blow up a ship. Ha! But to look your enemy in the eye, knowing you'll remember his face for the rest of your life. Now that takes a stomach much stronger than you'll ever have.

Ten Bears said...

First the Gypsies. Then the Homosexuals, and the Infirm, then the Jews ...

History only repeats to those paying attention

B said...

And if you read beyond the headlines you'll see that several folks blasted him for the comment.

I too disagree with his statement. Worship whatever flavor of God you wish, as long as in doing so you harm no other.

Tod Germanica said...

So Trump's boy Flynn called for christian sharia law and called on Trump's mobs to murder muslims and 'several' Republicans said tsk, tsk and waved their finger while pearl clutching? That should give Flynn and Trump pause. They won't try violent treason again now for sure after 'several' GQPers expressed mild criticism. And it means the end of 'several' Republican's political career. Can you supply us with their names so we can watch the Trumpite mobs exercise their 2nd amendment rights on them? Thanks.

bearsense said...

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Eck! said...

The upside is it legal to say crap. However when replying to
crap becomes a legal issue the constitution is broken and
law is lost.

Last I checked we are not a Christian nation or any other
religion either. Memory says the constitution even makes
clear that a national religion is prohibited as in
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

We are free to believe in whatever entity or whatever
so long as its not foist on anyone by "government" or
anything resembling it.

That said the government is the people and those
that try to corrupt it are government or outlaws.

So yes:
They are already coming for;
The gypsies, we call them immigrants and migrants now.
Next are the non-conforming, we see laws discriminating
against those transpeople, are they next?

The rest know the value of paying attention, some are prepard.
History not learned, will be relearned.

Let us not have a race to the boxcars. We know how that one
went before. The runners up being the riders.


B said...


Where did you get "christian sharia law and called on Trump's mobs to murder muslims" from his rantings?

At not time did I see that. He said many things, but never called for that.
Are you taking your medication to prevent delusions on time?
Or are you having other issues with reality?

Eck! said...

One might recognize what Todd said as not a lack of reality
but biting sarcasm.

Sarcasm is hard to see when reality is based on official
fake news.


B said...

Yeah, but Todd has a history of reading things into stuff.

Dark Avenger said...

B, your last remark is priceless. And you’ll never figure out why that is.

Eck! said...


Woo haa, he just won the "Eyes wide shut" award!


Tod Germanica said...

B has trouble reading at all. B, my handle has always been Tod, not Todd. Reading comprehension problems or possibly vision?

Comrade Misfit said...

Tod, ease off. It’s either a typo or unbelievable childishness..

Ingersollman said...

I live like you are 100% correct.
I know they will be coming for me.
And I know how to shoot.

Eck! said...

Sorry for the typo, we were in violent agreement but
my keyboard and a few arthritic fingers hate me.

The other guy, well....


B said...

And I will apologize for misspelling your name as well. 'Twas an error, nothing more.

Comrade Misfit said...

OK, are we all good, here?

Ten Bears said...

And where was the conversation going before it got knocked into the Darwin quadrant?

Oh right, right: first they came for the homeless ...

wesleystubbssandel said...

First we allow the right-wing-nut-job anti-American white trash to put "under god" on the currency and in the pledge and now we're having to deal with the same trash claiming that the US isn't a godless, secular nation. This is what comes from being tolerant of the intolerant.