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Thursday, November 18, 2021

New Heater Update

(Last post)

Executive summary: The gun is a pulsating handful of suck and fail.

I got the gun back a few days ago. S&W repair facility had corrected the barrel cant and fixed the yoke. But turning the barrel and shroud in to correct the cant of the front sight must have tightened the barrel-cylinder gap a bit too much. it is extremely tight. It was easy to sight in, firing three shot groups from an improvised rest, shooting single-action. Only once did I turn the sight adjustment screw the wrong way.

But shooting double-action was another story. I wasn't running the gun hard, but by the second or third cylinder, it locked up on the third shot. There wasn't an issue with high or backed-out primers. So I cleared the fired rounds and shot again. The gun locked up on the third shot. The third time around, it locked up on the second shot.

I am somewhat disappointed. A friend of mine has the same model of gun; he's gone through over 20,000 rounds, a goodly number of them magnums and his gun runs flawlessly.

I'll contact the mothership and see about sending the gun back, again.

(Smith & Wesson, please don't make me regret that I didn't buy a GP-100.)


B said...

Sad, really. You'd think they'd do better.
I once had a Para that made 4 trips to the factory. Now it is an excellent gun, but it was very frustrating until the finally got it right.

Keep making them fix it until they get it right. It's their postage and labor, after all.
IF they screw it up again, ask for a new gun.

Comrade Misfit said...

That’s my plan. I’ve already boxed it up.

B/C gap appears to be too tight. This isn’t a target gun, it’s a “Combat Magnum”, or so it says on the barrel.

0_0 said...

I have never had a problem with one of my firearms, but I try to be aware of which manufacturers have more reported issues and how they handle them.

A failed repair is not good.