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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

The first flight of the Stratolauncher.


CenterPuke88 said...

Neat plane, but not very useful at the current moment. The only existing launcher it can tote is the Pegasus XL, which can only lob about 1000 lbs into LEO. I also wonder if the Stratolauncher is maneuverable enough to launch the Pegasus, since it fires the engine and pitches up after 5 seconds of free fall.

The Space X connection died in 2012, the Pegasus coordination stopped in 2015, and the planned self-developed launcher reached the initial stage when Paul Allen died, and was terminated. It will be interesting to see where it goes, for now NASA has contracted for a couple of tests.

On another note, I wonder about asymmetrical thrust issues with those engines soo far off the centerline, and yet so close together. If they take one flock of birds at takeoff, and it kills two or three engines on one side, I’m wondering how controllable it would be.

Old NFO said...

Pieces/parts of 2 747's and 500000 pounds cargo lift is still impressive!