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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Trump on the Border; Toljaso Ed.

Four days after issuing a firm threat to shut down the U.S. southern border as soon as this week, President Donald Trump on Tuesday was far less definitive.

“I haven’t made that intention known,” Trump said when asked by a reporter during an Oval Office photo-op if he intended to close the border this week.

He went on to say that he remains “ready” to shut down the border if necessary but expressed satisfaction with what he said are ramped up efforts by Mexico in the last couple of days to more aggressively stop migrants making the journey north to the U.S.
First off, there seems to be no evidence that anything has changed as far as Mexican government policy on the migrants. Trump seems to think they're doing something, but there is zip in the way of independent confirmation.

I told you he wasn't going to do it.

This is what happens when there's a president who has no impulse control. Before Trump, presidents actually had discussions with thier staff about major policy proposal. Trump is, in comparison, like an untrained golden retriever, pooping on the couch with no shame. Only in Trump's case, he shits on the world with Twitter.

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

Now, in full retreat, he's threatening to impose tariffs next year if his nebulous demands aren't met, still oblivious to the fact that the tariffs would be paid by us, not Mexico.

-Doug in Oakland