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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

That Didn't Take Long; Notre Dame Ed.

No, I am not talking about all of the alt-right assholes that you can find online who are blaming the fire on Muslim terrorists. I'm talking about this
:Hungary's deputy prime minister says the Notre Dame Cathedral fire is a "tragic symbol" of the "apocalyptic loss of values we are witnessing in the western world."

In an excerpt of an interview to be broadcast on news channel Hir TV this coming Easter Monday, Zsolt Semjen, said "the French secularist, anti-church policy is also deeply responsible" for the fire. The French Republic owns churches that were constructed before 1905.
Dear Minister Semjen: Sometimes a fire is just a fire, you stupid cocksucker.


montag said...

How ironic coming from the newly fascist state of Hungary which is currently resurrecting the Arrow Cross from those fun 1940's

Stewart Dean said...

...or they copycat ass&*^% dribbling gas on his way into St. Patricks in NYC. Milton, in Paradise Lost, had Satan say, "Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven". He also coined a phrase for where the angels fallen from Heaven lived...the word means 'all the demons' and is pandemonium. Trump is ruling in Hell, in pandemonium, and keep the deviltry of fear and hate constantly stoking its inhabitants. So that they do crap like this guy with the gas cans.