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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Maybe Changing My Mind About Henry Rifles

I've never liked the idea of going into the woods with a Henry rifle. Not that I do much of that, anymore, but trying to reload by unscrewing the magazine cap and removing the plungers just seems problematic. Yes, the original Henry was tube-loaded from the front, but that rifle didn't have something that had to be unscrewed. Because that didn't make sense back in the day, when a customary use of such weapons was shooting at other people who also had guns.

And before you invoke the Spencer rifle, watch this:

Apparently, there are enough others like me. Henry has added a side-loading gate to one of their rifles.

OK, so far as it goes. I don't get the idea of a brass receiver. 160 years ago, brass (or a bronze-brass alloy) was a substitute material that was used when steel was either too costly or too hard to get. Besides that, brass is too pretty/shiny for a woods rifle.

But if Henry makes these with steel receivers, I might have to swallow hard and buy one.


Eck! said...

Having used the Winchester and Marlin in the 1893 style in the woods in
both .32cal and 30-30 I can say its a good hinting rifle and the
shorter saddle gun (carbine) flavor was nice in thick wooded areas.

The only pita was not loading but clearing the rifle when out of the hunting
area. Cranking the action to unload is not hard but having to pick up the
cartridges up out of the snow was annoying. Learned to load only 2 or 3
for that reason.

As to brass, easier to machine and self lubricating, also looks good when
polished or engraved.


re the paragon said...

Perhaps off topic, but the obituary for Lee Ermey in "The Duffel Blog" is well worth reading. The are merciless to his pretensions.

re the paragon said...


Yeah, I know that links don't work here except for CM's.

Deadstick said...

Now, that's cold...;-)

Comrade Misfit said...

Re, links work in the comments, but you have to manually enter the HTML code for them.

re the paragon said...

Thanks. Seems like too much work, but that is good to know.

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