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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Your Sunday Morning Big Prop Noise

An XP-82:


Deadstick said...

First combat mission of the Korean War, and first air-to-air kill shortly later.

w3ski said...

I am not a pilot, but wouldn't it be hard to fly it from one side?

sea fury said...

From what I've read pilots liked flying them once they got used to them. The pilots were 90% WW2 vets, so the P-82 took a little getting used handling wise, but overall, they were well regarded. Their operational history was short though as the first operational jets were already on the horizon when they were deployed.
There are 2 examples currently under restoration, Tom Reilly in Georgia, and James Harker in Minnesota. Tom's has already flown, and James's is almost done. Both are incredible restorations.

Deadstick said...

w3ski, most non-fighter aircraft have the pilot off-center anyway. This is off-center by a larger amount, but not qualitatively different; he still has a nose in front of him to keep pointed down the runway.

CenterPuke88 said...

Never really read about the F-82, but reading up, one thing was interesting. After the initial design and first test, they had to swap the places of the engines or it wouldn’t even fly! Counterrotating was smart, but who would have though that one way versus the other could have such an impact?

Nangleator said...

CP, the downward stroke of the prop, because of the typical deck angle of the aircraft, generates more pull than the other side, so putting that towards the centerline of the aircraft is a good idea. For each engine.

CenterPuke88 said...

Yea, but the first design for counter-rotating props turned out to cancel all the lift of the center wing portion and cause the prototype to fail to fly. After reversing the two engines, it flew great.

Nangleator said...