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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wingnuts Take Offense, Part the 5.72 x 10^75th

I took a break and saw, on FB, that some of my Winger relations are up in full hue and cry because President Obama isn't going to Nancy Reagan's funeral.

Riight. And do you want to guess who went to the funeral of Lady Bird Johnson in 2007? Hint: It wasn't some guy named George W. Bush. That funeral was in his home state, he could have taken a few hours off from playing on his ranchette. He sent the First Lady to represent his administration.

Which I don't really recall anyone bitching about at the time.

Obama Derangement Syndrome is a pitiful thing to see.


Nebris said...

The 'tradition' is that the current First Lady attends. And Michelle IS going. But yeah, cray cray...and I don't even like Obama.

Moe said...

damn shame Chewbacca showed her lard ass at the get together