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" -- Unknown

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Musings on the Impending GOP Implosion

The last time the Republican party had a serious implosion, we wound up with finely educated racist President who thought he knew better than anyone else in the entire world. He bragged about "keeping us out of war" and then, barely a month after his second inaugural, threw us into that war.

His administration was about as anti-freedom and pro-police state as they came back then. Dissenters from his war policy were thrown in prison. He's the reason why, to this very day, if you were to say "I'd like to wring the president's neck", you may get a visit from the Secret Service and serious prison time.

I'm not saying that history is repeating itself. But it sometimes rhymes quite well.


Snowdog said...

It probably won't matter if it implodes. I'd vote for Bernie, but the dems it seems will repeat their 2004 mistake-and pick someone that many will just never vote for, myself included.

If it's down to The Donald vs Hillary, I'll probably either write in none of the above, or maybe Vermin Supreme. He did promise everyone a pony if elected.

hans said...

Wilson was a cuss word around my family