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Sunday, March 6, 2016

NYT Has an Attack of the Vapours Over Donald Drumpf.

They're wondering: "Is it fair?"

Yes, you got that right. The favorite newspaper of neocons and war criminals is concerned about "fairness" in political humor. (They weren't so concerned about fairness in the runup to Chimpy's Most Excellent Desert Ficasco, were they?)

Christ on a Pogo-Stick, who gives a rat's ass if it's fair? It's political satire/humor. John Oliver, who has really popularized "Donald Drumpf" is a frigging comedian, not a member of the news commentariat.

With humor and satire, only one question need be asked: Is it funny? The rest doesn't really matter a fuck.

1 comment:

Deadstick said...

I think the editors of the NYT might have said that with a sly wink. They gave the meme a nice shot of publicity while pretending to be offended...;-)