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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Your Sunday Morning Jet (Rotor) Noise

A Sikorsky Sky Crane fills up its water tank for a firefighting drop


Old NFO said...

Amazing birds, and one helluva lift capacity!!! Thanks!

LRod said...

That's funny. I remember them as Sky Cranes, too. But in some recent aviation documentaries I see they've been renamed Air Cranes and Sikorsky no longer makes them. It'll always be a Sky Crane to me, though.

I don't know if you know this, but I found it fascinating. There's a duplicate set of controls and a seat facing aft and looking at where the cable is going and what the load is doing. It's a much more precise way of managing the hover than leaning out of the window and craning (ahem) one's neck.

An interesting, if pointless, aside—one of my high school classmates was a mechanic on Sky Cranes in the Air Force in the '60s, and then continued in civilian life as one for a logging outfit in Northern California. He was a valuable commodity.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired