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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Thug" as a Code Word

Steven over at the Booman Tribune has a lengthy piece about how the Right Wing Noise Machine is using the word "thug" as a code word for "scary black guy", or, if you prefer the old word, "nigger".

It is worth reading.


Murphy's Law said...

Now that's not true. To be a thug, you need a criminal record or you have to be engaging in criminal activity. Surely Steven and other liberals don't think that all black males fit that description now, right?

And juat to be clear, there are also white, hispanic and asian thugs. It's all about behavior, not skin color.

But I get it--the liberal left has to demonize anyone that has different views by calling them "racist" because that's easier than trying to discuss and debate actual viewpoints in a civilized manner. I sure miss the days when liberals could tell us what they stand for and why instead of just slandering everyone who isn't a liberal.

Sevesteen said...

Thug is an description of behavior not related to race. I'm sure some people are more likely to use thug to describe a minority...but even if we remove the word from legitimate use, the idea remains. Those people will merely switch to whatever word is allowed to describe that concept, and the rest of us loose the use of a perfectly good word for behavior that will remain among all races.

B said...

Seems to me that 'Thug" describes your lifestyle. Boorish, pushy, intimidating, threatening, law breaking.

Webster define it as "a violent criminal"

If that is your lifestyle, and the name fits...

I don't think race or ethnicity plays a part here. Unless you and your liberal friends think that all black people are criminals..... I certainly don't believe that.

Comrade Misfit said...

Take a look around at how the word is used now. The guy who shot the cops in PA from ambush and then played hide-and-seek in the woods for weeks wasn't described as a "thug". The guy who capped four cops in a coffee shop wasn't described as a "thug". The couple that killed two cops in Vegas and a man who tried to stop them weren't described as "thugs". The guys in Tulsa who shot down three Black pedestrians weren't described as "thugs", neither was the guy who killed three people outside of Jewish community centers in Kansas City.

No, my friends, "thug" is a term that the media, especially the conservative media, reserves for Black men alone, whether or not they happen to be criminals.

Anonymous said...

Comrade, while you may have a point with reference to minorities,"Thug" is also way over-used in reference to anyone belonging to a union, particularly public employees.

Sevesteen said...

I just did a Google News search for "thug". My results in order of first appearance:

1. Young Thug, apparently the name a rapper.
2. North Korea Leads Thug Regimes
3. "Thug" Rose Namajunas. Female MMA fighter, if I had to guess based on looks white.
4. Michael Brown
5. European thugs (3 different stories) (and a bunch more later)
6 Time Magazine's version of this post
8 Thug Cop murders Eric Garner
9 Thug tries to rape 81 year old woman (with height and weight described, but not skin color)
...then a bunch more European sources in a row. I don't see a huge over-representation of Blacks.

And the first entry--when Thug is a badge of honor, it's both a symptom and a cause of trouble for the people who feel that way.