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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Better Get Used to the Idea of the Band Playing "Hail to the Chief" for Hillary Cinton

Because if the best that the GOP can come up with is a clown who thinks that conditions in the US are the same as they were in Nazi Germany, it's going to be a rather foregone campaign.

Millions of people had their citizenship stripped away. Most were forced out of their jobs. These who owned businesses saw their businesses trashed by government-sanctioned mobs and they were forced to "sell" them at a severe loss. People were made to wear identifying markers, they were made to move into ghettos, their houses of worship were ransacked and burned and the cops and army could kill them with impunity.

And that was all going on, mind you, before the war began.

Other than, maybe, the cops killing people with impunity, show me the parallels. Show me how signing up for health insurance equates to Kristallnacht.

I can see the commercials now: Footage of Nazi goons burning books, torching buildings and shooting women and children, with a voiceover along the lines of: "This is what Ben Carson thinks America is like. Can you risk voting for a candidate who is so far out of touch with reality?"

Pass the popcorn.

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