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Friday, December 12, 2014

One Thing to Remember About Cops

It at least one department, it is (or was) official policy not to hire the best and the brightest candidates for the job.

Whether that's true elsewhere, well, one would hope not.

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Will said...

Something similar:
In the 90's, I was told by a bunch of cops that they had to hide the fact that they were familiar with guns, in order to get hired.

It had become common that the police managers didn't want recruits from the "gun culture" to contaminate their depts. Wanted to be PC in all things, of course.

One of the problems was it could be difficult to get away with this subterfuge, due to the overlap in the shooting world/Law Enforcement arenas, and the ability to check for gun paperwork trails. A workaround was to apply to depts in other counties or states, which could help to some extent. The end result, though, was this type of recruit became somewhat rare, depending on location, and other factors.

And people wonder about the lousy hit percentages of the typical officer in shootouts. Weed out people who have long term experience and talent and interest, in any endevour, and the resulting level of ability will be guaranteed to be minimal. And, good luck trying to improve that group's ability.