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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shorter GOP: "If We Can't Win Fair, We'll Win Foul."

Basically, the GOP has a plan to gerrymander themselves into winning presidential elections. The popular vote would matter even less than it does now, especially in states that went for Obama but have Republican-controlled legislatures.

So even if a Democrat has 52% of the popular vote, they'll rig it so that the Republican would win.

So if they can't steal the election or buy the votes they need, they'll just rig the game. Because they can't quite think of a way to come up with a platform (or candidates) that can win on a national basis. Screw Hispanic, Blacks, Asians, women, and every other group they can't win over, they'll just write them out of the game.

The GOP has to be about the most despicable pack of thieves and criminals outside of a Goldman Sachs boardroom.

All you folks on the left, you had better re-think your aversion to guns and black rifles. You may find a need for them sooner than you think. These bastards are going to steal your country from you.


Eck! said...

They might if the other guys don't make it a police state first.


w3ski said...

I really thought tin foil was for food storage and ocassionally cooking, but this whole "security state" thingy has me rethinking that position.

bearsense said...

Remember - - we gotta stop 'em here so we can stop 'em over there.