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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NYS Stupidity

I won't get into the stupidity of the current NY gun law on magazines, but the law on ARs that was just signed by Gov. Cuomo is just dumb.

The law, as I've read of it, bans rifles with detachable magazines and "one military feature". So you have an AR that currently has a flash-hider, bayonet mount and a pistol grip. You buy a thumbhole stock and then you either grind off the bayonet mount and unscrew the flash-hider (only on 20" or longer barrels, please) or, you just buy an upper assembly without those things.

You now have a weapon that probably won't require registration.

Because it is all about optics: Doing away with scary rifles.

But if you have a M-1 Garand with a flash-hider and a bayonet mount, you're cool. because Garands don't have detachable magazines.

Side note to Remington, Kimber, and any other company that manufactures firearms or ammunition in New York State: It is time for you to move. There are plenty of other states where your business would be welcomed.*
* For example, where I live is firearms friendly (shall issue), there are good roads, railroad access if you need that, a local junior college that could partner with you for training, a decent city an hour away and a local airport that can handle light jets (and whose runway is planned for expansion). You want more details, send an email to me (the address is in the sidebar) and I'll get you the contact information for the local industrial development folks.


Old NFO said...

Excellent points, and a good idea for Remington et al... Get the hell OUT!

w3ski said...

Let me see here, if I took the flash suppressor off of an M1A1 it would be "legal" ? 1000 yard accuracy, 20 rounds of 7.62 as fast as I can pull the trigger, but it's not black and has no pistol grip so it's OK.

Anonymous said...

The text of the law is here:

Anonymous said...

Reading the text, some things stick out:
= be the subject of or violating a restraining order MAY, at the judgment of the court, get your licenses and guns taken away
= While mental health pros are supposed to report yadayada, nothing about priests and pastors?
= List of enjoined firearms and their characteristics is on page 17 and after. It does say something about excluding antique firearms as defined by 18 USC 21(1) (16) and also those 50 or more years old (page 19)
= Better not bring a gun to school all you nice kids with a piece....there's also all kinds of after the fact penalties, not that they'll prevent much

Eck! said...

From my read of it a thumb hole and detachable magazine is verboten.

the law is really hard to read and decipher what is out. At one point I read
a section that would make the M1 Garand because it semiauto, The magazine holds
8 rounds and that was enough. I'm not sure the average pump shotgun or
1894 saddle gun passes muster.

The one that really makes for WTF is the barrel shroud. They are trying to make a lot of stuff illegal and the named banned list is long.

I think this is going to be a battle and NY has gone off the end.


Irie said...

I haven't read the whole law...does detachable magazines apply to handguns too? Most of those hold more than 7.

Eck! said...

Yes! likely more so.

They haven't gotten to banning the 7 in the mag and one in the chamber.