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Friday, January 25, 2013

Man. Those Heaters are Expensive!

If you thought a professional grade .45 from Wilson was expensive, at $2,920, then you ought to get a load of what a "GI" .45 from Cabot Guns will set you back: A cool $4,750.

I don't know. For that, you could buy ten Rock Island .45s and leave them scattered about so that you'd always have one handy, and still have plenty left over for ammunition.

On the other hand, I have no idea what a Korth revolver sells for, probably easily north of $5,000. Ten years ago, list price on one was $4,700; their price listing now only says "POR", which is German for "if you gotta ask, go buy a Smith & Wesson".


Old NFO said...

Those actually aren't bad... Try a Holland and Holland...

w3ski said...

Ouch, does that include vaseline too? What does a "plain" old Colt 1911 run?
I really do like my 'old' one. It does everything but brush my teeth.
Dad gave me his well before he passed away because I kept bugging him to go shoot it with me.
I was a big fan from the first clip thru it, but then I was logging back then for a living and hand/wrist strength was not a problem.
Packmeyer rubber grips really do make it much sweeter.

Comrade Misfit said...

A Colt Series 70 Government Model goes for around $900, if you can find one. A Springfield Armory Mil-spec copy is abut $775. An Auto-Ordnance copy, maybe $675. The RIA gun is in the $500 range.

I've handled the Wilson. It definitely ain't your generic 1911!

w3ski said...

You might consider one of the less expenseive models and an 'out of the box to the smith' action work over.
Personally I like a "sleeper", used looking but works better than normal.
Eye of the beholder and all that. One buddy had a chrome Colt Auto that wouldn't shoot for crap next to my "beat up old slabside".