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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nice to Know That Bob Costas Thinks That I (and Likely You) are Insane

His definition of "insanity" is roughly: "People who don't agree with my stance on guns."

Hey, Bob, you're a guy who makes a fortune from a professional culture of violence, so go fuck yourself. You make a hell of a lot of money announcing games in a sport where it is likely that a lot of the players are going to be suffering from early-onset dementia before they turn forty or fifty. Yeah, you seem to have a problem with it, but that doesn't stop you from collecting a whoppingly large paycheck in the process.


Eck! said...

To borrow from In Jennifer's Head, the line,

So, shut your pie hole and dance, monkey!

I don't expect anything intelligent from a talking head. Every bit of tripe he spews is scripted or his own emotional baggage.


Anonymous said...

Nice rug.

BadTux said...

Well, people who think they're going to resist the government using their personal firearms *are* insane. Didn't Ruby Ridge and Waco teach those folks anything at all? And that was just law enforcement agencies, nevermind if Posse Comitatus were repealed and the military used!

I'm personally a defender of the use of firearms for hunting and personal defense against criminals, but some of the "cold dead hands" lunatics that I've seen have been utter loons. Overthrow the government with your personal AR-15? Really? Or as Governor Earl Long of Louisiana is reputed to have said when the Lege demanded that he resist a desegregation order, "Are you fuggin' nuts? We're talking about the government of the U S of A, they got the goddam ATOMIC BOMB!".

bj said...

Gotta agree with the Penguin here. BTW ... "Talking Head" Wayne LaPierre made about $1 Million/Year while doing nothing but trying to convince 'Murkans that every man, woman, and child should own a weapon with a flash suppressor. It is true Costas makes $3 Million/Year ... but at least he can call the game, too!