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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now Is the Time to Address the Deadly Menace Posed by Light Sabers

I base that on a blog entry I read the other day which called for the banning of .50 caliber rifles. The sole evidence of the criminal potentiaal for such rifles was that the writer had seen the movie "Shooter".

Riight. Let's ban things based on their uses in movies, shall we? So we might as well ban the ownership of phasers and light sabers. Not that any of those things exist, but they were dreamed up by some writer, and as we all know, we now have reasonable facsimiles of the communicators from ST:TOS and the tablets from ST:TNG.

And transporters, what a menace those things are. They disassemble you, blast your atoms into nothingness, and then reassemble an exact copy elsewhere. Split the beam and you can get two copies of the same person: It happened to Will Riker!

If irrational fear is the basis for discussion, then I want the right to own a rifle powerful enough to take down a charging pack of Spinosauri.


w3ski said...

I demand a Ban on Yeti! Even if you already own a yeti, you have no need of one.

Eck! said...

Kinds funny really as those are ferocious expensive and not small or light.

OH, I forgot you can shoot airplanes down with them.. mostly wishful thinking.

What I like about good movies is they make suspension of disbelief possible
for a little while.


Old NFO said...

Ya know the really funny part? Most fighter planes carried 6-8 .50cal guns and had one hellva time shooting down airplanes from directly astern of them...