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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anti-Oxidants-- Nah

If you have been buying antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta-catrotine, you might want to save your money for more important things.* For not only does it seem that they don't do anything to prevent cancer, they don't do squat to prolong life. They may even shorten it.

On the other hand, eating foods rich in them may help. Which means that the old wisdom about eating a healthy diet still holds water.

Oh, and the crap about how you may live a lot longer if you sort of semi-starve yourself? Fuggedaboudit. It's more crap. Sure, you shouldn't eat massive portions, not unless you're burning up that level of calories. Eat sensibly, but eat.
* Like ammunition. Crimus, people, nobody is seriously proposing banning that stuff. Slack off the hoarding bullshit! [Morons.]


Old NFO said...

Meh... it's good, it's bad, lather, rinse, repeat... I eat what I like, when I like, and I will live with the consequences...

w3ski said...

Way back in my youth I read that Coffee and Bacon were bad for me, after that I just didn't give a hoot anymore.
59 last year going on whatever. Hasn't stopped me yet.
Is there actually any food that has not been proven both bad and good for you?

Comrade Misfit said...

Dihydrogen Monoxide, for one. Eggs, for another. Also dark chocolate, red wine and even red meat. It all depends on portions/amounts.

w3ski said...

wait a minute,I beg to differ.
I thought eggs were bad (once upon a time) because of the cholesterol. Red meat has all kind of warnings too from 'mad cow' on down.
I eat all this stuff and worse, it's true.
Even water can be bad for you.
Look at it, if you drink water you will die, same thing if you don't but that is another story and much sooner. Might take 80 years or more but all us water drinkers are going to die.
Eat what you want, I figure,in moderation, we all gonna die no matter what. I'd rather be well fed when I go than starving.
and this is from a guy that once ate a strict Macrobiotic diet for over 5 years.

w3ski said...

I just googled Dihydrogen Monoxide.
I want me some of that stuff, Wow.
I used to work around Carbon Monoxide a lot and I bet the two combined would make for some great moments.

Comrade Misfit said...

Too much water and you can die a lot faster than that. Red meat is not bad and may actually be good, in moderation.