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Monday, July 30, 2012

Ike Was Right

The Army does not need massive numbers of tanks. It has thousands of them sitting in mothballs.

But that doesn't stop Congress from designating money for more tanks. And if they aren't buying more tanks, Congress wants to spend money to refurbish tanks the Army isn't using.

Because the company that makes tanks, General Dynamics, has been buying the loyalty of congressman to ensure that they get to make more tanks.

Ike was right. This is all about government welfare for large corporations. If the government was paying a bunch of us to blog about meaningless bullshit, you can bet your ass that the same congressvermin who are in General Dynamic's pocket would be evincing high levels of outrage. And the other congressfools will keep mum because they want the support of General Dynamic's tools when it comes time to protect their local bridges to nowhere.

So General Dynamics will upgrade more tanks, which will then be parked in storage forever. Corporate welfare at its finest.


Vannevar said...

Ike was completely dead-on right. Two follow-ups if I may: the MIC has morphed into the HS-MIC (homeland security military industrial complex), and Ike wouldn't get invited to speak at this year's Rep. convention - way too moderate. But it's interesting to remember that's what a Republican was, not too long ago.

montag said...

Since we are storing tanks all over the world for rapid response when some country tries to exercise their sovereignty, we need more than a domestically based Army would. Besides, God Damnamics has our best interests at heart

Allan S said...

Ike also gave an extremely low toned speach about banks and how they scared him. He was definitely attuned to what was powerful and self serving.

Cujo359 said...

A stay at home military would be a lot cheaper. Just think of all the money we could save on aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, cargo aircraft, and all the other money we spend for logistical support of an expeditionary force that's bigger than just about anyone else's army.