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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Next Up: The Mitt Romney Roast Pig Feast: On the Beach in Dubai!

After insulting the Brits on their Olympics and then bragging about meeting the head of MI6, Mitt Romney's Around the World Gaffe-Fest has moved to Israel.

Where he attempted to schedule a fund-raising banquet on Tisha b'Av. Which is a day of mourning and fasting for observant Jews. Which apparently the Romney campaign knew of when they scheduled the event.

Since Tisha b'Av mourns the destruction of both Jewish temples in Jerusalem, one might think that holding a photo op at the Western Wall on that day would come across as a bit tacky, as well.

I know that Rmoney's butt-monkeys are busily telling everyone who will listen that Americans don't care about what happens overseas. Which is directly contradicted by the fact that Mittens made this high-profile trip with lots of photo-ops with leaders overseas. Instead of, say, quietly going to London to watch his wife's dancing horse try to win an Olympic medal.

Leave it to a foreigner to describe Willard's real problem: He has nothing in his life that he can talk about to the American people.

If he talks about being the governor of Massachusetts, where he signed gun control legislation and universal health care, he pisses off his base.

If he talks about his work at Bain Capital, then up come the discussions of how he was really a vulture capitalist, making boatloads of cash from the misery of others.

He can't talk about his own private life, for then the subject of his car elevator and his dancing horses will be discussed.

He can't talk about growing up rich in Michigan or how he put himself through college by selling off the stock his father gave him. Hell, if Molly Ivins was right about Dubya being born on third base and thinking that he hit a triple, Mitt was born half-way to home plate and he thinks that he legged it all the way from the batter's box.

And he sure can't talk about his faith, since most of his base has qualms about that (and most other people regard Mormons as those creepy kids who come knocking on your front door when you're sitting around in your PJs and drinking that first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning).

So mostly what Mitt has left in his arsenal are lies and the money to spread them around.

UPDATE: The Romneybot is blaming the press for his gaffes. Which is rather Nixonian of him.


Eck! said...

from that I point to Magica Verbia.. at http://jonathanturley.org/

As a sutible follow on to what flipper will have o employ to win.

Lets go with the Big Lie for $1000.


Murr Brewster said...

Lurve the line about being born on third base, but it wasn't Molly's (or St. Molly, as she's known in this house). She quoted Ann Richards who stole it from Jim Hightower who might have glommed onto it from someone else.