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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Because Handguns Are Only Good For Killing People, Right?

I took this photo at a "bowling pin" match.

The idea is to knock a number of bowling pins from either a 2x4 or a table. The number of pins, whether you shoot them off a 2x4 or a table, and if from a table, how far back the pins have to move before they fall off, is all variable. I saw everything from pocket revolvers and single-action .22s to .45 automatics and .454 Casull revolvers being used by the shooters.

It turns out to be hard to do. The point on the pin that you need to hit, especially when the pins are sitting on a table, is tiny compared to the size of the pin. A glancing shot and the pin may fall down and roll about on the table; in which case, you then have to shoot it off the table.

"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast" seems to be the way to go. The score is simply how long it takes a shooter to knock all of the pins down. (In the photo, the man behind the shooter is the timekeeper.)

It seemed that a good percentage of the automatics malfunctioned at one time or another, while only one or two revolvers did. That may have been because most of the shooters were using handloaded ammunition and automatics can be less tolerant of loads that deviate from specifications for bullet weight and "oomph". Still, it's something to think about. (Also, for range use, the revolver boys weren't chasing brass around.)

It looks like fun. This time, I went to watch. Next time, I'll go to shoot.


Eck! said...

Looks like excellent sport.


w3ski said...

Bowling Pins Are Fun, Golf Balls too. When I learned to shoot with my Dad we would go to Goodwill and buy like a hundred clay saucers. It was great to see the target shatter and then pick off the pieces. It helped me to be excited about shooting. Later on I found a range with metal and rubber belt targets out to 1000 yards. Reactionary targets are my true joy. Paper holes are good, but how far is that golf ball after the 3rd hit and you hit it a fourth time? Yea.
It gives you a real world impression of what your pistol will do at what, 37 yards. Good experience, Great Fun.